Premiere: B2 – Alex Pervukhin – Your Bass [LAC005]

Don’t be mad at us, but we’re hosting Alex Pervukhin and his Laconica label again. This time his name is on the EP again (rumor has it that on the next release Laconica will reveal some new moniker), zero remixes but 4 straight bangers. And some of them even have that “original” Laconica vibe in proper quality!

Alex will do some intro by himself here: “All the time during quarantine I’m diggin’ some music in a small town of Zolochiv in Western Ukraine. So much nature around and obscure music from early 90s –trance/bleep/housey CD compilations gave me the mix of emotions which I later revealed in this EP.” So, you understand the mood, right? One more take on the obscure 90s, this time coming from Alex’s own background.

Since the main track for us here is B2, we’re starting this review from the B-side, which has some of that Laconica vibe, I already wrote about. Constructed mainly around the stomping basslines, “Your Bass” is a roller for any moment in the set. “Eurotrip In The Room” can take the same praise here too, but being slightly slower than B2, it should sound better at the start or the end of the parties. Dreamy background pads (another Alex’s signature) on the whole B-side are reminding us that we’re still in the house that used to be called minimal.

A-side. Bangers as they are. “Trance OG” – the name speaks for itself – robotic voice and trance vibe on the background are going hand-in-hand with a simple kick-driven bassline here. And “In (Love) Trance (Laconica Mix)” may sound a little familiar to you – and there’s a reason for that: “I released the track “In (Love) Trance” before on my Bandcamp EP “Rave Home Alone” and after that got huge support from iO (Mulen) who really liked that tune and said that it must be on vinyl. So I made another mix and now it’s on vinyl and not available in digital anymore.”

Some of you may ask why this track isn’t on A1 with all its power – here’s the answer: “For me the most important factor was to use the same gear like back in the day for that type of music that I like. In “Trance OG” I used Waldorf Q pads over the swing housey beat and sent it to my DJ friends and they tested it in Ukraine around illegal summer gigs. Lviv very own Mike Trofimov gave me feedback like “that track smashed the dancefloor every time” so now it’s the main one on the EP.”

By the way – this is one of those releases, we’re premiering in full – all 4 tracks are on our YouTube channel! Rush there immediately!

And after that don’t forget to make your pre-orders and set notifications at Juno, Deejay, Redeye, or wherever you’re buying your wax. April is the month for this beauty.

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