Premiere: B1 – Silverlining – 6am Cab To Leyton (Enzo Siragusa Remix) [TALMAN6] 

Having been instrumental in the initial Tech House movement in the mid-’90s, Asad Rizvi aka Silverlining alongside Wiggle crew members Nathan Coles, Terry Francis and Mr C, who would in fact coin the term Tech House has recently returned to his glory days. Asad has in the process injected a bit of old school funk into the genre which was becoming a tad stale. With just a casual flick through Asad’s recent Silverlining Dubs series, it will be possible to understand the meaning of old school funk.

Fuse London’s Enzo Siragusa is an artist that is more than schooled in 90’s Tech House and together with his Fuse London crew and associated labels have done more than most to keep this ethos alive and also helped to reinvent the genre. With his party and label of the same name celebrating a decade in the game this year, there isn’t much that Enzo doesn’t know about the genre. To keep up to date with his celebratory tour click here.

So, who better to supply a remix for the next Silverlining EP coming up on Okain’s Talman imprint. In its original form, “6am Cab To Leyton” is a slightly darker affair, muted pads and the main female vocal hook that runs through out is pitched down give this a more heads down bomb approach.

However, turn this track over to Enzo and he has sculpted a much more upbeat yet forlorn groover over on B1. The phat rounded bassline that bounds throughout the track is soon joined by sickly-sweet Rhodes chords and garagey snares and rim shots to give things just that little bit extra swing that peppers both Silverlining and Enzo’s tracks. While still retaining elements of the darker original track, Enzo sheds some light on this emotionally charged tech houser. Also on this EP is another upbeat version this time coming from Sweely on B2.

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