Premiere: B1 – Shaun Reeves & Tuccillo – Superstitions [VQ073]

Detroit and Berlin-based label Visionquest returns once again for their 73rd release. After their immense 4-tracker from More Than Material and Archie Hamilton, another massive collaboration is on the way.

This time, the label embarks on a brand-new voyage with the founding member Shaun Reeves taking the lead. For this installment, the label head is reunited with kindred spirit Tuccillo after their previous collaborations for VQ050 in 2015 and for ONE037 in 2016, setting another no-rules, boundary-blurring session and it’s their most explorative joint EP to date.

Picking up where previous gems like ‘Seclusion‘ and ‘Smile‘ left us some time ago, the lead track of the EP, named ‘Shade‘, reminds us of the duo’s innate ability to lure you deep into their groove unwittingly. Misty and pensive, this one is deep coded with unmistakable Visionquest atmospherics as each element gradually unfolds.

Elsewhere amid the ageless shadows it has the stark, sensual stripped-back struts of ‘Cavernous‘, an uplifting piece where a restrained-yet-bumping groove is laced with garage style vocals and a sublime synth twist midway.

For the opening of the flip-side and for our premiere: ‘Superstitions‘ rolls out over a stately 8+ minutes, building gradually with percussive hypnosis and the dark art of subtlety. Another banger from this collaboration, that sets sail into perceptions of minimal lovers.

Tessera‘ brings the EP to a close with strong levels of funk and feel good vibes. It’s a devilish fusion of velvet android bass, evocative humanized textures and beat that draws you in but leaves more than enough room on this voyage to take in each perfectly considered and sculpted element.


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