Premiere: B1 – Scumdolly – Making Ends Meet (Rhadoo Remix) [BLKMUSIC004.2]

Just when you think you have fabric Maestro Craig Richards figured out he swings a curve ball your way. The revival of his Scumdolly alias has unearthed a pair of tracks that are nearly 17 years old, yet in their original format sound as fresh and groundbreaking today as they did back then. Imagine the impact they had on dancefloors back in the early 2000s? Devastating. It is also worth noting that only one version of “Making Ends Meet” was ever commercially released and that was as part of James Lavelle’s Global Underground 026: Romania mix, how fitting.

For a release of this calibre it is important that the right label takes care of business and so this honour has fallen to New York imprint Blkmarket Music and they have done a sterling job of putting together this 2 disc EP. On this first disc, it features the Scumdolly track “Making Ends Meet (Changing Room One)” and this breakbeat original from Craig receives a great flip by friends of fabric Subb-an and Adam Shelton. However, it is the second disc that had us most excited. Craig’s more 4/4 Changing Room Two version of “Making Ends Meet” receives a remix from Blkmarket Music’s own Taimur and New York producer Alexander Gentil, but it is the extended mix from [ar:piar] member Rhadoo that has us reaching for the needle time and time again.

The Romanian’s flip of “Making Ends Meet” winds modular zaps, beeps and pops with crunchy snares throughout all 11 minutes and 54 seconds of this glorious piece of looping minimal mastery, yet it still doesn’t seem long enough to enjoy this ride. With more than enough to keep a packed-out dancefloor rocking, at points it is almost as if the track is inhaling and exhaling, this is an interesting sample choice to take from the original track and a very inventive use of the original source material. At present Rhadoo is the more prolific producer from the [ar:piar] crew and his work on this release will ensure his inbox is full of work offers for some time to come.

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