Premiere: B1 – Samur & Atree – Hummingbird [ARP001]

Founded in 2016, Arpège Records has come to be recognised for unveiling new talent and stimulating a strong electronic scene in their hometown of Nantes, France. Through innovative events, podcasts showcasing heterogeneous music styles, and select digital releases the Arpège crew have garnered a loyal and steadily growing following. Fans now have even more reason to get talking, as we are excited to announce the arrival of a tangible treat: Arpège’s much anticipated first first physical release.

The label’s debut 12” is a four-track V/A, showcasing the label’s broad sonic palate and strong creative vision. Arpège have traversed Europe to procure a talented International line-up of up and coming DJ/Producers: Estmode, Paul Walter, Samur & Atree and Paradroid.

Opening the A1 Mastered is Italy’s Estemode, who sets the mood of the record with a trippy afterhours affair. From the outset, the track engulfs listeners in its functional, mind-melting groove. The A2 Tremmel is a nice follow on, venturing even further into the darker corners of the minimal genre. The track displays Austrian Paul Walter’s dexterity in marrying a growling bassline with spaced out synth lines and a deranged glitch. It’s a swingy number with hypnotic tendencies; a reminder that sometimes it’s best to let the music do the talking.

Flip it over to our premiere: B2 – Hummingbird, the collaborative work of German producer/DJs Samur & Atree, who expertly foster the same chemistry in the studio as they do bouncing off each other in a B2B set. This energy is palpable in the track, which is by no coincidence the techiest of the record with an infectious kick-snare. Tension builds between glitchy breaks, two step drum patterns, distorted vocals, atmospheric synth pads and a persistent bass. It feels like each element is added to a chemical reaction which finally combusts at the breakdown halfway. The track is given a reset where each element is given its deserved attention as it is gradually reintroduced before the bass returns to rebuild momentum. Although Hummingbird may be more of a DJ tool side than a peak time stomper, it’s sure to stand out as a memorable tune in a set.

Finally, rounding off the record on B2 is Paradroid’s electro-tinged Midnight Bloom. It’s a sweaty slow burner with an eerie melody reminiscent of a video game. In all, the EP has a consistent rawness and undeniable darkness. All four tracks are superb displays of tight, clean production from up and coming producers. If this is the calibre we can expect from Arpège, they are remaining firmly on our radar.

Releases November 2nd from major wax retailers. Follow Arpège on Facebook for more.