Premiere: B1 – Ruton – She Might [CON005]

Norwegians Ruton (Rub800 + Tonchius) are back to Continually label for its fifth installment. This five-track EP covers all the bases, from house to trip-hop (yep, you read that right!). Let’s dive in and see what’s up, starting with my top pick…

…which is “She Might”. The B-side opener is a delicate and stripped-down house tune with just a touch of some light tribal percussions. The vocals float in and out, adding a dreamy touch, and everything comes together beautifully at the track’s peak right near the end.

Sticking with the B-side, we’ve got “Slightly Hitting.” It’s a bit faster but still keeps things light and airy. The chords here replace the vocal samples from “She Might,” keeping you hooked. You might expect it to jump into something harder like Murphy Jax or Andreas Gehm, but nope – it stays a smooth, light house groove. And then there’s “Sick 85,” the downtempo closer. Now, downtempo isn’t really my vibe, but if it’s yours, definitely give it a listen.

Flipping over to the A-side, “Crazy Cat” kicks things off with another bright tune, laced with some cool, spacey sounds we can’t get enough of (hopefully, you’re with me on this!). Then there’s “Red Moon,” which keeps the spacey vibe going strong. I wish it had some of the percussion from “She Might,” but the track still delivers even without it.

Here’s the best part – the record is already out! So, if you’re feeling it, head over to Juno, Deejay, or Decks and grab your copy ASAP.

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