Premiere: B1 – Maikee – Move The Mass [SP001]

Suckerpunch from Papa Nugs and Oisin starts its journey with the new series also under the name of Suckerpunch. Just a few months before they came with Dance Floor Renovations label, and now another one. No chill!

The EP is divided between Maikee (previously known as Aymeric) and Mixloydian, and not only by name. I can hardly imagine the side from Mixloydian on Trommel, but another one was just right. “Move The Mass” is a VERY slow cooker with almost bubbling basslines and also slow and sexy vocals. The purists will turn their heads off this track, but I tested it already and it sounded perfect (especially speeded up a bit). “Source Explorer” is just a bit pacier, almost without any vocals and with a perfectly done groove. A perfect banger for the times, when you don’t need any bangers.

Now – to the Mixloydian’s side. Hanging near the 140 BPM line, “555” is that no-nonsense track, I can easily imagine in the set of, let’s say Sally C – that one, with any possible style, that could be played at a rave. And we also have “Days Of Vision” here – as one of my friends said: “If you don’t want to play the original “Sandstorm”, you can go with this one easily”. You’ll catch some smiles and screams “No way he played that track!” from the ravers, I guarantee.

So, the release is already on Bandcamp, you can go and grab it easily, in vinyl or digital form.

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