Premiere: B1 – Gab Jr – Texass [ATWT005]

Presenting their fifth instalment since inception in 2016, French collective Automatic Writing host a VA project, featuring artists that have contributed to the labels output so far. Charonne, Gab Jr, Murphie Cooper and Seuil all return to the label, each with an original track.

Charonne brings an electro-tinged slice of cosmic house. Future sounding machine-like samples glisten alongside a mysterious bassline, carried by a neat 808 beat familiar with the duo’s work with Imprints Records.

Murphie Cooper takes a groovy route. Minimal blips shift between a patient 4/4 scheme, answered by a teasing bassline dancing around a soft kick. An unsettled palate of sounds shift across the groove, calmy anticipating completion. Reminiscent of a trip from Mars, Seuil’s cosmic taste provides an intense trip. Fierce sounds scurry in and out of a tight arrangement, anchored by a slick drum pattern.

Gab Jr’s infectious blend of house and techno has seen rightful recognition in recent months. Following various releases with Nice’ Swap White LTD and Leeds based Albion Records, Gab Jr returns to Automatic Writing for his third output on the label and fourth release of 2018.

Leaning towards a higher energy tech-house sound than a previous after-hour focus, Texass targets a peak time dance floor. An addictive bassline leads the groove, working in call and response-like unison with a clever melody, crafting a playful mood.

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Sharp vocal blips lace with dissonant percussion at the rear of the mix, completing the conversational dynamic of the track. Blissful pads cast a euphoric atmosphere during the break. Elements gradually fall from the mix, drawing attention to the new elements, before being swept up by the slick bassline.

ATWT005 ships late September.

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