Premiere: B1 – BeleeJean (David Delgado & Maik Yells) – So What [KMPV004]

New Kosmophono issue, named “Four Aspects Of April 15″ EP, will be out on 16th of February and signs the fourth vinyl-only record from the British label.

Following their previous releases on BodyParts and Dreams Are Not, BeleeJean is coming back once again on shelves, combining Colombian maestro David Delgado and Berliner Maik Yells into one identity. Revisited by Germano Ventura and Giovanni Verrina’s blissful remix for the dynamic duo, new EP provides a great collection piece and a playfull press.

The 12” opens up with the track named “Four Aspects Of April 15”, a spaced out groove with hypnotic elements. Unexpected patterns complemented by analog drum recordings. All these, makes this track an absolute piece that crawls into soul with it’s natural yet unfamiliar frequencies.

Further, Verrina and Ventura’s interpretation of the same track creates an immense effect on listeners. Groovy and fat bass-line behind the revisited instrumentals cut from the original piece makes it a great weapon for the dancefloors. After the duo’s last release on Manitou, they give again a glimpse on their extroverted collaborations.

Lastly, for the flip-side and for our premiere, a 10-minutes of authentic vibes reaches out to distinct tastes. Dissonant melodies are created from the abstract everyday sounds and piano riffs coming together to form a blissful track which you will not stop to play.

The record is on pre-sale today, be sure to grab your copy.

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