Premiere: A2 – Timelock – Tinnitus (Late Night Burners Remix) [SB003]

The enigmatic Timelock producer steps up for the third release of the Amsterdam label Late Night Burners.

Driven by a vision of presenting warm, intruiging dance music, the vinyl only label has rapidly become one to watch in their debut releases. Moods flirt between the golden era of tech-house and slick breakbeat flavours, meandering through deep moods frothing with groove.

The label ran by DJs and producers Kurley, Roman Coskunand Marco Man aims towards building a community within its ranks, inviting artists for repeat releases to express the collective vision. An established series of Bandcamp releases captures the emotive vibe of the label, featuring founder Kurley alongside an array of intruiging alias’ including a gorgeous EP from ‘Raze of Pleasure’.

Continuing their low-key aesthetic, the next release invites the producer Timelock who delivers two timeless deep house bombs. Both tracks see remixes from the prolific Youandewan and a label ‘Late Night Burners Remix’.

Little information surrounds the ‘Timelock’ alias which speaks volumes for the sheer mass of lesser known, extremely talented producers. ‘Tinitus’ opens the record with a ruthess tech-house weapon.

Backed by a huge sub bass and the cheekiest of organ basslines, this sleazy jam is destined to light up every dance floor regardless of size, location and taste. It’s an effortless euphoric mood loaded with a delightfully moreish punch and snap.

Our premiere zooms into the stunning label rework of ‘Tinitus’. Just when you thought the original’s moreish groove had you, the ‘Late Night Burners Mix’ reinvents the whole track with a subtle tweak to the bassline backed by an experimental edge through twisty acid lines and hissy synth work masking the track with texture.

The arrangement takes a more laid back nature, letting elements sing and occasionally slipping a hat or clap from the mix with a deftly hypnotic effect. You can picture this lighting up a huge outdoor rave just as much as sending the cosy confines of Hoppetosse into a frenzy. Classy percussion work keeps the track bouncing along with clever bongo rhythms and a fierce ride cymbal belting overhead.

Timelock straps back into deep house bliss on the flip side with ‘Reflections’ offering a deeper cut dripping with warm reverbs and floaty chords resting gently in the mix. The organ does return with a more subtle, rolling bassline slotting between bouyant 909-like drums whilst a dreamy pad occasionally sweeps overhead.

Small Hours boss and seasoned producer Youandewan brings his signature slickness to the conclusive reshape. Slippery, analogue percussion sets a smooth, bouncy vibe whilst leaning towards a deeper mood with the originals bliss pads and subtle percussive loops.

The remix adds a lovely amount of the Berlin producers flavour whilst still complimenting the original mood of the track. It’s the sign of a producer in fine form which sums up this entire straight up yet diverse record.

Amsterdam’s Late Night Burners are for sure a label to watch within this deeper, blissed out dance floor moods.

You will be able to shortly buy the record direct from the label’s Bandcamp.

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