Premiere: A2 – Muelsa – Realistic Way [VLS06]

We are ready to present a piece from the first solo release by one of the best French talents right now – Muelsa. You might know him, as a part of the diamond Forest Ill Records crew with appearances on their VA. Also you might know him from the very nice remix of AC130’s track, that dropped on Lonewolf not so long ago. Or, probably, you were lucky enough to catch him live on one of his sets. But today all of that doesn’t matter since we’re interested in his own production and composition skills only. Voiceless has been chosen for the debut – a nice solid label with Lapucci, Jos, Z@p in its roster already – now with a nice addition of Muelsa.

Our today’s premiere is a little bit slower than our usual tracks here, but you know where the beauty is, right? Almost every great slow track sounds even better on +5 (and vice versa). It was put to the test already, so you can trust my words – “Realistic Way” will damage your laidback morning dancefloor or the peaktime one equally. Signature rolling journey with zero spacey samples but still with that cosmic atmosphere.

Also, on the A-side we have a bit of broken beats at the “Matter Of Fact”. Being an opener of the record it easily sets the tone for it. Along with a VERY nice melody and gentle use of the vocal samples here we have a real beauty on A1. Another piece of the slowed cosmic trip is waiting for us at the B1 in “Special Existencey” – seven minutes of a very nice OST to your long-planned race to Mars or Venus. Talking about OSTs – imagine a bonus underwater level in some mid-90s game – here you go, that’s “Celebrate The New Atmosphere” at the B2. Superslowed one – in case you got tired of all those journeys above.

If there won’t be any delays, the new part of Voiceless Records should drop at the end of autumn, so you know – Juno, Deejay, Redeye or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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