Premiere: A2 – Carriego – Hit Record [X2S002]

Not so long ago, during the premiere of GRUB001, I told you about the Lirica Archives distribution and the pack of labels, that you’re gonna hear from them. X2SEE is one of those, and, even since we missed their first one, made by A:G, we could do the same with X2S002, this time made by Carriego. The producer from Lyon landed on Cosa Vostra earlier, let’s check what we’re going to hear today.

“Hit Record”, quite bold naming, I must say, but this one is one of those, that really mean it. I’m personally a big fan of any guitar solos in house tracks, if you know that Unknown Artist’s edit of Cubik 909 – you know, what I mean. This track is very close to it, a bit flatter between those guitar parts, but also has its own wonky sounds around the third minute. Which are leading us to the culmination around the 4:30 mark. The only thing I don’t like here – we’re having just a minute until the end after the main solo here. The only bad thing about the track (and still only if you’re a DJ, haha).

The record opens with “Louis From Detroit”, a broken piece, balancing between electro and acid with some horror movie (especially “Halloween”) influences, at least at the beginning. The vibe is set, I guess. The “main” track of the record is closing the A-side. If the sample “rock the discoteque” is still not annoying to you – you gonna LOVE “Disco Inferno” with its slow pace and sinister mood.

“Failed System” on the B-side sounds a bit stripped-down after the first three. But its wobbling and some scratches here and there are teleporting us to some Ecko Unltd and Fubu era. It seems, that the last track on the record is trying to get us even further – I think, I heard some Man Parrish influences in the background of “2212” here.

What else can I say – a nice, solid 5-tracker, full of broken stuff. Should soon be available at any good record store and, of course, on the Lirica Archives page – don’t miss it!

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