Premiere: A2 – Camelia – Milagro [FS001]

Uprising label: Fake Society

Hailing from Milan, north of Italy, a new family is rising with a huge support by the circle of the ones who knows. Fake Society started as an event series and quickly turned into a huge family spread all over Europe. It is now flowing in the scene as a record label as the next natural step.

Aiming to be distinguished by it’s uncharted sounds, and believing in groovy, deep driven and futuristic minimal music, Fake Society have already signed with uprising talents for it’s roster as Camelia, Haokah and Cem Ozden.

Consequently, their first EP “Forerunner”, is signed by Camelia and features a remix from no-one else than Arapu. A clear sign of their intentions as well as a perfect way to kick-start a fresh imprint. The record is planned to be released to all main on January 7th.

The record has already gained some early support from LIZZ, Sublee, Gescu, East End Dubs and of course Arapu himself. The 4-tracker promises a variety of spaced-out grooves and elegant sounds. For all these reason, it is clear that this EP is the one that deserves to be in top shelves.

For the second track of the front side and for our premiere, “Milagro” has an easy feeling and flow yet constant groove takes listeners into uplifting journey.

In just a few short years, Miami’s Camelia has carved out his own unique reputation with a liquid, deep sound that exudes a warmth and depth of character unlike any other.

That being the case, his past EPs on Botanic Minds, RORA and Janeret’s Joulie Imprint were statement releases. Thus, revealing the beautiful diversity of sound that lives within his artistic expression.

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