Premiere: A2 – Bakked – Titan [CMDRPX002]

After their first split between Do/or/die and Digregorious (and one more side release by Digregorious also), the CIMEDIRAPAX label decided to go VA. We just couldn’t miss this release, especially with that type of roster. You know, when everyone is able to do some serious damage on the dancefloors just with the name.

Our piece of the record was made by Bakked. You should be familiar with the name, at least, from the label, called OUTBAN. But don’t forget about the appearances on Coordinate and also the forthcoming one on Outcast Planet. If you know all these names, you probably already pressed the play button. If not, well, all your doubts should disappear after, like, 3-5 first seconds of “Titan”. A heavy, stomping piece of a peaktime killer for every possible house set (and even some techno ones). Should make your audience scream before the acid elements drop in the second part of the track.

But the record starts with another person I’m watching during the last few years – Samuel Jabba. His trippy, also a bit heavy and dark opener “Mental Backflip” sets the mood for the whole side. Don’t be fooled by the intro, despite its broken start it is a solid example of a 4/4 roller. Elias Sternin starts the B-side from a little bit lighter one, called “Dance Gymnastics”, but somehow manages to save the total mood from the other side here. The record is closing with the already familiar to you duo of Rizzi & Lapucci (we just had them a few days ago, remember?). Their favorite chopped vocal samples on the background and a moderately trippy build-up are finishing the record with a little bit short one, called “Vintage Merch”.

CMDRPX002 should be out soon. If you liked it – don’t forget about it on Viniil, Juno, Deejay or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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