Premiere: A1 – Unknown Artist – Unknown [Stowaway003]

Unknown artist label Stowaway are moving onto their third release and it might just be their finest selection of music yet. Not much is known about the imprint except two things 1) The focus is on the music and 2) the music is almost always fantastic.

The first few seconds of A1 may seem like you’re about to hear a run-of-the-mill bouncy minimal track, but beyond the first thirty seconds it’s anything but. The bassline progresses to become far more melodic thanks to the drawn heavenly synths that pay visits throughout the entirety of it. Those same heavenly synths are juxtaposed by the vocals ‘Can you hear me?’ which are distorted and sped up to the point of not recognising what was said until a few seconds later.

Whilst A2 and B1 are both exceptional tracks with key features, the highlight of Stowaway003 for me belongs to the last track on the wax, B2. Imagine the night is coming to a close, sunlight is breaking through any exit it can find and you want to commemorate the night with your closing track. B2 is that track.

The bassline oozes class and grooves from start to finish it. But it’s the esoteric synths and light claps that give this track a strange combination of melancholy and a contrasting sense of happiness or appreciation, making this the perfect track for closing a special night and a reminder that music can stretch beyond just dancing.

Stowaway003 will be available to purchase soon at Juno, Deejay or any good record distributor of your choice.

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