Premiere: A1 – Triptil – Omnichord [VELVET001]

JNJS (Jay Nortown & Jacobo Saavedra) bring Ibiza’s newest project VELVET to light with their first vinyl release featuring two tracks by Romanian artist Triptil, including remixes of Silverlining on side A and JNJS on side B.

With a varied discography and a wealth of skills that have been proven over time both in the studio and in front of multiple crowds as a DJ, Triptil’s journey is on a continuous ascension, with another promising release now on the way.

’Omnichord’, the first track of the record, kicks off with a bright opening that features a rhythmic bassline accompanied by soaring drums, wavy synths that are catching the attention as they come and go, followed by spatial pads and perpetual mystic sounds. A Triptil-specific harmonic blend that makes the listener instantly lose themselves in the music.

Silverlining joins the party with his signature eclectic housey style in his reinterpretation of ’Omnichord’ on A2, with puzzling breakbeats and dark touches.

Flipping over to B1, ’Digg it’ is the much-needed fast-paced joyful piece during the bright morning after hours, with scattered flutes blending harmoniously with the bouncy bassline, keeping the energy up on the dancefloor with its buoyant vibe.

JNJS’ version of ’Digg it’ on the B2 side delivers a playful electro-flavor and precise kick snares along with a perky bass that keeps the listener focused and energised. So far, the EP has everything it needs to make it and get the recognition it deserves.

VELVET001 is available now for pre-sale on

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