Premiere: A1 – Terms – Collateral Damage [JUSTWAXX001]

Just Waxx, a concept that came to life at Barcelona’s Les Enfant out of love for the refined and warm sound of vinyl records, initially emerging as a series of vinyl-only events at the infamous club, is now developing into a record label and we are here to introduce their first release – JUSTWAXX001. Featuring Berlin-based TERMS, a versatile DJ and producer who does not step away from juggling with different genres in the three tracks he manufactured, and the astonishing duo Omega Men that accompanied the release with a remix of one of his tracks, this premiere is as promising as it can get.

Today’s main focus, “Collateral Damage” on side A1, is a pure energy party-starter, infused with 909 rhythms, archy kicks, and dark electro synths, overlapped by precise basslines and playful breaks that could easily take a listener’s mind straight into the middle of a crowded dancefloor of an underground party in an industrial warehouse.

The second track on A2, “Always with Cream”, comes with a slower and calmer energy, almost abruptly switching the vibes from the aforementioned underground warehouse atmosphere to warm and lazy summer after hours, thanks to the Balearic sound that shapes it throughout its end.

As we flip over to side B1, Omega Men’s remix for “Always with Cream” comes up with their gelid touch, bringing back the energy to the party with toms and snares that merge with acid sequences.

TERMS’ third track on the record on side B2,  “Cosmic Energy”, closes the album on a darker note, with eerie vocals that come in waves until the end, combined with mystical synths and puzzling pads typical of the classical Detroit sound.

JUSTWAXX001 can be pre-ordered now on Subwax and

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