Premiere: A1 – Robert Dietz – Salbung [TPG009]

Hamburg-based record label The Press Group brings together a new VA series, starting with four-tracker “Future Prospects vol.1”. It features a quartet of heaters courtesy by Germany-based Robert Dietz and Aii PS on the A-side and Kyiv-based Vlad Stuparenko & Ghetto Sunrise plus Sasha Zlykh on the flip.

Behind this new series, the aim is to bring together different artists, with different styles or approaches on dance music, told us co-founder of the label Matthias, also known as Rupert Marnie. The whole VA series idea initiated as a plan to produce a V.A. double LP, which musically follows the CD compilation “Summer Hits”. After collecting tracks from many artists, co-founders of the label decided to release several EPs to put more attention to each track and each artists. “Musically, TPG009 picks up where the ‘Catwalk EP’ left off, continuing the more functional, fast-paced dancefloor-oriented sound,” he adds.

I came up with the current selection for the first volume after long listening sessions of all the material I had from the artists,” said Matthias. “To my opinion, those first four tracks fit together perfectly and form a very varied record for different dancefloor situations.” And indeed, either sides of the disc inbound for optimal and non-pareil impact during a set.

Robert Dietz, who takes the honour of kicking off the new VA media group, delivers a track that would instantly resonate within the minds of a crowd. It is both heavy and smooth, definitely powerful. As break and drums are taking the lead, the producer plays perfectly with intensities, bringing softer sonorities exactly when we need them, returning to sci-fi vibes right in times, slowly but surely reaching an intense climax.The track paves the way old-school style, grinding everything from lethal breaks to rowdy drums, via lysergic synth flights.

After more than 15 years on the scene, Robert Dietz is the kind of guy that shouldn’t need an introduction, but if your memory is short, just go listen back his famous track ‘Banana D‘ or his Trommel Podcast, and that’d give you a heads up.

The record is available at and most certainly in your local record shop. A pre-release event is also in the pipeline at Remoto Records in Hamburg for today April 22nd. This will be followed by a release party on 29th May at Golden Pudel Club.

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