Premiere: A1 – Ricardo Villalobos & Maher Daniel – Changes EP [TOS007]

Canadian producer Maher Daniel’s label ‘The Other Side’ has been a go-to label for fans of loopy and intricate minimal since it’s birth in 2016. It’s often showcased Maher’s own music but in the last few releases has given a platform to other talented musicians such as SIT, Sammy Dee, Floog and Mahony

For the seventh release, Daniel’s back and he’s brought along a little known friend by the name of Ricardo Villalobos. It’s the first time the two producers have met up in the studio and actually released music so we’re incredibly pleased to be able to bring you A-side ‘Changes’ from their upcoming Changes Part 1 EP.

It’s somewhat of a surprise these two haven’t naturally found themselves in the studio together more often, The Other Side head-honcho often releases tracks that rival Villalobos’ in both length and detail. ‘Changes’ clocks in at a little over 12 minutes and is a mind-bending excursion by two producers at the top of their game.

The track is a slow burner, ticking over with gentle base drums and drips of clicks and toe-tapping percussion. Snares softly speed up the track but the key feature is introduced around halfway through courtesy of a chilling siren melody. It’s towards the end where Villalobos and Daniel showcase their penchant for minimal that’s intellectual but is also made for the dance-floor with the percussion being whipped into a frenzy.

Featuring on the B-side is the melodic and equally haunting ‘Binary Function’ which seems to lean more towards home-listening but as always with an RV production, it deserves to be listened to on a big soundsystem.

Changes Part 1 on The Other Side is now available via Decks, Juno or any good record store of your choice.

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