Premiere: A1 – Reade Truth – Close Call Unknown Bass [PSI003]

Reade Truth Psionic record art

Oshana is becoming somewhat of a regular on our pages. And for good reason too. Her Psionic label has been doing the business since it launched last year. The first two releases featured solo and joint projects and we recently premiered ‘Mediation Meditation’ from number two. For the third in the series, the Berlin-based artist takes a step back, inviting Reade Truth to the fore.

The New Yorker has been mixing records since the 90s, so he knows a thing or two about the music. Known for blending house, techno and new beat sounds, Truth is well versed in delivering an eclectic selection of underground beats. His versatility as a producer is confirmed by his Psionic offering.

‘Very Likely (U Will Like Me)’ EP opens with ‘Close Call Unknown Bass’. Groove-fuelled bassline steers this one forward. The quick fire pace drives energy from the off, amplified by a hard-hitting kick drum. Analog percussion continues the rhythm, manipulated and forming centerpiece, paving the way for the deep, modulated acid melodies that follow.

The title track twists a deeper narrative. Dark glazed synth intertwines with a mechanical pulse, over a thudding beat of textured techno. ‘Unknown Tomb, Ancient Race’ closes the record with an eery, thought-provoking piece stripped back from the rest with a focused, plodding beat and modest dashes of acid. Three tracks primed quite differently, in true Truth fashion.

The record will be distributed by Subwax from 30th April and can be purchased here.

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