Premiere: A1 – QR Code – Mindless Dance [SN001]

The history of the label Sweet Notes is starting and we’re here witnessing it. With the connection to These Tasty Records, it will probably be another place, where we can notice some nice and sometimes new names, that are coming from France. Like today’s QR Code (Rubens and IDL are its members).

Just as on another of their releases on Opal, they divided this release into two parts – QR Code as a duo on one, and just IDL on another. Our today’s track is on the QRC side. “Mindless Dance” is far from being called a banger, but still it has something inside. The mellow male voice that guides you through almost seven minutes of the track, or that catchy melody? You’re the one to decide, but we bet that you’ll listen to it in full from the first click on the “play” button.

“Nixie’s Trap”, another track by the duo is a bit more energetic, but still plays on the calm side. Its marching rhythmic and alienist sounds should make it perfect for any dancefloor. Now – the IDL side, starting with “Spacetime” – a broken piece with an intro, that gives us some “where were you in 92?” afterhours mood. “Day 55”, also by IDL, finishes the EP with style, with another, more serious male voicing, a pumping build-up with acid and breakbeat elements inside.

I guess, we’re going to hear those names again soon. So far the record is ready to buy at Deejay, Decks, Viniil or any other good record store.

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