Premiere: A1 – Porco Rosso – Creatures [RSR001]

Porco Rosso is back, and it’s been a minute since we last heard that name on a record in 2020. Plus, there’s a new label in town, and it’s called Rhythm Science, falling under the Lirica Archives distro umbrella. All the excitement is set for today, right in our premieres section.

Let’s dive into “Creatures,” the opening track. It grabs you from the get-go with those breaks. The drums are banging, but wait until you get to the middle of the track for those mysterious melodies – they’ll stick with you for the entire 6-minute journey. Talk about a perfect comeback, right?

Next up is “Wip Wip”, a track that won’t let you forget its name. Swap out the breaks from the first one with some heavy glitched acid, keeping those melodies from the A1 in mind. Here’s a quick rundown for you. “Beatis” on the B-side kicks off with some spoken word, only to chop it up and spread it throughout the entire track, blending seamlessly with the 2-step and regular beats that keep switching things up. “Along The Lines” throws in some interesting conversation and pairs it with a pretty intense kick-driven atmosphere. The chords come in a bit later, lightening the mood slightly. My second favorite track on the record, if you’re curious.

The release is up for grabs on the Lirica Archives page, and the official release date is just around the corner, so you better not miss out.

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More information on Lirica Archives (Rhythm Science’s distro page)
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