Premiere: A1 – MP aka Mihai Popescu – Rum Drum [SMR002]

Paris based label Steppin’ Motion Records returns with its second release after the first pan out, with one and only Mihai Popescu. After its immense reach, part 2 of “Still 1 Measure EP” will be on the shelves on 03.09.2018. Mihai Popescu joins forces with Paris imprint once again with his deliberate cuts.

After the first release of the French label, young label boss Swoop aims to reach out peaceful souls of collector worldwide once again, this time with an outstanding work of Mihai Popescu.

Romanian tastemaker and architect MP is known for his elegant, convoluted and well-designed minimal cuts. His recent releases from heavyweight labels as Bass Culture, Metereze and RORA made him eavesdropped and followed throughout the world. His humble yet passionate approach to house music reached out through not only his releases but also his own label Soulsity.

In upcoming two-tracker “Still 1 Measure: Part 2” EP promises a minimal house cuts that could stay in a record bag for months for those who aims to disembark the chill vibes at peaceful sun-kissed sets.

On side A and for our premier, things set sail with great mixing of rich hi-hats combined with crisp claps on soulful and resonating pads. Great composition delivers a soulful and playful vibe that puts a peaceful smile on faces. Refined percussion on an unhurried yet spirited kicks convey a compelling journey for listeners.

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