Premiere: A1 – Jean Bressan – Panela [DOD777]

Jean Bressan steps up with a three track EP for the Amsterdam based imprint Depth Over Distance, featuring a spicy remix from Voigtmann.

The seasoned producer continues a fine streak of form, following consistent releases with the likes of Aesthetic, Daydream and Pathway Traxx, alongside running the London based project Kosmophono.

Combining a dreamy palate of influences from the fringes of house and electro, Bressan’s sound finds a place neatly between genres, lathering silkly club ready grooves with emotive tendencies.

‘Panela’ opens the record with a blissed out, classy affair. Energy is more subdued, casting lush, sun kissed atmospheres dripping in warm and gentle reverbs. Beats are simple and stripped back, allowing a neat sub bass to drive the track whilst setting a stunning sunset vibe.

‘Noisy Neighbours’ stays within a similarly dreamy realm, working slinky percussion with an innocent synth line perfect for the open air scenes. Subsequent boss Voigtmann enters with a spicy force in his remix of the premiered ‘Cecil’. Energies head towards a more twisted, ravey vibe with jittery acid lines and headplucking sample work ringing bells of the Montevideo sound.

On the flip ‘Cecil’ showcases this sleek aesthetic on B1 ‘Cecil’ with a deftly effect. Percussion is snappy and full of character, slipping neat snare drums between a subtle rhythm that could loop for hours. Moods develop a menacing tone, weaving nimble acid lines inbeween a slippery bassline peppering the track with attitude.

You could picture selectors from a variety of scenes spinning this versatile track, it’s timeless nature crosses over into laid back minimal just as neatly into the fiercer end played by the likes of Quest and Z@P across Europe.

Each sound is shaped with a loose and spacious aesthetic, not overpacking the groove and allowing elements time to build and play with tension. The rhythm maintains a bouncy, playful vibe whilst dipping into deeper, etheral moods with lush synth work creating more pensive moments at several points throughout the track.

The familar, bouncey yet subtle vibe of Voigtmann’s percussion comes through with a strutty, UK charm, cutting swung hats and claps through the mix just enough to keep the groove.

This record marks the seventh vinyl release of Depth Over Distance, alongside a consistent series of Bandcamp EPs. Each releases holds a unique vibe, curating a diverse selection of artists including the Romanian talent Bucurie and tech-house tastemaker Sakro, as well as label regulars Dieru and Sep.

True to the label name, Depth Over Distance consider the smallest details across their project, from curation to experience and presenation. Each record is pressed with unique visual artwork across coloured, marbled and transparent vinyl, making the entire pressing a memorable one of a kind.

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