Premiere: A1 – ISAbella – Extrema [MARICAS001]

LGBTQI+ Spanish collective Maricas Maricas launches its vinyl-only record label with a first stunning EP. Produced by co-founder and resident ISAbella, it comes with five club-oriented tracks loyal to the spirit of the family.

‘Audio Exótica’ opens up with ‘Extrema’ as an affirmation of the EP’s imprint. Infectious, blunt, and free, it guides us through different journeys, all led by a strong bassline. The further we go into the track, the stronger the emotions become. Hybrid mix between analogue electronic sounds and techno influences, this alien-sounding experience drives us straight on Maricas’ dancefloor.

The artwork piece comes along with four other tracks taking roots into rave culture, “between house and breaks, all with a touch of old school“. The B1 Track 90 brings us back into the 1990’s industrial vibes after Floating C2 slowed down the journey. ‘KetaJungle’ circles around house and electronic before letting us with the psychedelic, breakbeat-driven heat of closing cut Contacta”.

Reacting to the lack of good electronic LGBTQI+ events in Barcelona, Maricas established themselves as a reference for inclusive parties, working closely with all kind of artists from the community. They took over the electronic scene with their own imprint since 2018. Freedom, tolerance, and acceptance are the guiding words. Their events reunite a caring community of LGBTQI+ and friends with techno as the soundtrack. Since then, they’ve been spreading their spirit around by traveling over Europe for showcases and collaborations.

Meaning ‘fags’ in English, Maricas aim to escape normative cultural and artistic aesthetics. Apart from being a collective, booking agency, and now a record label, they’ve been running an online platform since quarantine: House of Maricas. “This is a place for provocations to the established system, thought, reflexions, and solidarity.” says the manifesto. And indeed, they are committed to giving visibility to queer artists and freelancers. They propose music contents, photo exhibitions, poetry, performances, and many more.

For Audio Exótica EP, they’ve been working with artists from different horizons: videographers for the promotion clip, photographers, graphic designers, painters and others for single’s covers. A complete piece of art, reuniting people as they know how to do.

Catch the EP on Subwax BcnJuno Records, and

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