Premiere: A1 – Havantepe – Hooting Owl [LOA002]

Next 12” “Luck of Access” issue, which will be out in October 2018 and is currently available for pre-order, is named “Robo Owl”, and will be the EP number 2 for the Russian label.

After the immense launch on 30 September 2017, label-boss Andrey Pushkarev invited Turkish talent Havantepe for the second EP.

Ismail Genc, also known as Havantepe, has established himself as producer and a DJ who waves a numerous of influences into his music. As he works towards his signature sound, he is once again giving out the meditative soundscapes, sculpting with high-resolution production. On Robo Owl EP, the Istanbul based producer is hitting intimate sentiments with full of analogue affinity. As Ismail says, his production conveys a period in his life instead of being a story-line. This is the reason Robo Owl creates a straight, genuine emotional impact over listeners’ perception.

On the A-side, and for our premiere, ‘Hooting Owl’ brings his creation of harmony over atmospheric pads, multi-layer bass, surprisingly invited claps and hats blends as the vinyl spins by.  Conveyance of surreal spirituality in Havantepe’s music relaxes and takes away the listeners and collectors into some heightened consciousness state. Thus, his mind and perception travels through the audible experience of his compositions. Seems like ‘Hooting Owl’ is no different. This track is the one for spinners who loves to create emotional journey with dub-techno sharpness.

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