Premiere: A1 – Eidolon – In Between [TNCD003]

The Ukrainian label Tancido makes a blast from the past by resurrecting the name Eidolon. If the name doesn’t ring a bell for you – no wonder, Ian Lehman’s last release was in the year 2008, afterwards it will be easier for you to catch him under the name of Doubt. Now he stepped away from the music, working as a truck driver in the USA.

But being one of the favorite artists from the Tancido owner Lumitecc, he left behind a collection of tracks, that were made between 2004-2007 but were never released. The story sounds very promising, let’s go check the tracks out.

“In Between”, the record opener, and also my favorite one here, is an example of the track, that doesn’t have much at first sight, but you’ll still be listening to it on repeat shortly after first pressing play. Male voice samples of something that sounds like a very tired conversation + a very rolling build-up of the track + all of those scratches, that kind of distract you, but not too much – and we have a perfect track for playing whenever you like.

“I’ll Be A Ghost” starts with a very grimey atmosphere, but right from 1:01, it is turning into another roller. Just a bit slower this time, if you want to make some comparisons. Quite the contrary, the B-side opener “Them” starts with power. With a very hard, but a bit distracted kick, kinda hidden in the background, we have another roller here. Finally, “Kane”, the last track on the record, sounds… Actually just like any other track here – moderately gloomy, still perfect for dancing.

If you’re a fan of a sound like this and maybe already know the name of Tancido from their previous releases – you better be running to the pre-sale section of your favorite record store. After the pre-sale starts (very shortly).

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