Premiere: A1 – Demenz & Moig – No Es Sobre Tu Chik [SGO001]

The duo of Demenz & Moig, despite the 001 in the catalogue number of their release, are having the second one on their Streetgemz label. I’ve already heard about one of them (Moig), now let’s check what they can do in collaboration.

The first track of the release, our guest today, is “No Es Sobre Tu Chik”, and, I must say, we’re having a straight bigroom here. Kicking hard from the very beginning, just after that sexy vocal intro. Still, the main damage is coming around the 1:40 point when the main melody is starting to grow. In their press release they told that these tracks “have been rinsed from Panorama Bar to Sunwaves”. Well. I guess, we’re having some Panorama Bar mayhem vibes here. With some nod to 00s sounds, I guess.

We’re also having another edition of “No Es Sobre Tu Chik” on the A-side. This one was made by Lamalice. 8am Mooves Remix – well, I guess, you’re not making any big mooves at that time. Probably, that’s why it sounds much calmer than the original one.

The B-side starts with the track, called “Chicass Con Malasss Actitudesss”. If you tried to guess and failed – it will help you from the very beginning. That’s one more version of Madonna’s track. Fiesta mode is on. The last one here, “Citoyenne” also sounds like something, that could be released in the late 00s. Can’t say, that I like that era, but I definitely like the nod to it. Should fit perfectly into your highbrow electro house selection.

You can find the record at all good record shops – Juno, Deejay, hhv or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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