Premiere: A1 – Adult Sonics – Ambedo [TYD003]

Mari.te and her Madrid based label Tresydos are taking a nice selection of artists into the fold. The formula is for the time being based on artist EPs, first launching with Neik and then Anderson, which we premiered here. Now, Adult Sonics take over, a relatively new collaboration between Greek duo BODJ and Roksi that is focused on live, hardware made music. Their Hands In Motion EP comes with a mixture of directions, from within which we have premiered Ambedo.


The backbone is a clean, warm synth sound that sets a fun, frolicking tone while the deep, cool bassline keeps a nice tempo. Smooth, adventurous house music is the flavour here. High note melodies of different shapes and sizes dance from one to another in harmony, segments of keys that become satisfyingly electrified as the track progresses.

The refreshing vibes created here make Ambedo one that could be suited to any time of the party, day or night. Different to its counterpart, Slow on A2, which keeps things light with a more stripped back, breaks approach. The EP does come complete with a remix of Ambedo on side B, a ramped up ‘on acid’ version of the original that is bursting with energy.

It’s been a good year for Tresydos since launching late in 2018. The family of producers continues to grow with the space on releases to explore different sides in musical approach. This one with Adult Sonics is a fitting way to start the next year.

Pre-order the record at Juno or from 20 January.

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