Premiere: 2 – Skorpions – West Coast [SKRP003]

Having nurtured their mutual love of electronic music while at SAE Milan, friends Alberto and Gian Marco soon embarked on joint project Skorpions. Quickly becoming a firm fixture in the Italian community, there is little doubt that they will soon be in charge of a pair of turntables near you. Having already fired two dynamite EP’s on their own self titled label they now present the third in the series.

Skorpions’ double threat keeps things punchy from the outset and our premiere pick “West Coast” is ready to flex. Vocoded vocals immediately add an air of tension while the muscular beats and raw sine wave synth goes a long way to really strip back the vibe to the fundamentals. The tense atmosphere is maintained with ease as the track begins to soar and it would be no surprise to learn that this EP is mastered by none other than Italian hit maker and Brich resident Viceversa. 

Moving on to “Exist” and there is more vocoded naughtiness to be found. The terse synth pads that creep in recall a golden age in Cocoon’s past where techno, house, and electro met at a powerful crossroads. The command that this sound has on a dancefloor is almost tangible and we can guarantee this is made to devastate. Make sure you keep an eye glued to these pages for more music coming out of the Skorpion camp.

You can grab SKRP003 from the Skorpions Bandcamp.

More info on Skorpions
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