Premiere: 2 – Goodbye Boogie Dance – Reck It [MS003]

Hailing from Leeds, UK label Mirror Studies Records continues the series of releases with their third record featuring Goodbye Boogie Dance, a rising young producer based in Bristol who has crafted three stunning bangers for his promising debut EP – Time Warp. Established in January last year, the label has brought out to light some fresh local names, mainly from Leeds and Bristol, such as Grøve or Stuzi – one of the co-founders of the label.

Today’s featured track “Reck it” on side A2 is one of those tracks that don’t let you leave the dancefloor, as it brings a vibrant energy that makes you dance to the beat unconsciously within its first seconds, with playful spatial kicks and breaks, funky vocals and a hefty bassline. The track keeps its sparkle and vibrancy until the end, ensuring that anyone who listens to it will be filled with bright energy and joy.

On a more dubby note, “Chin up” on side A1 brings a deeper, darker energy to the story, with a groovy flute building up the bassline that follows it and puzzling vocals accompanying it throughout the end.

Flipping over to “Exit Us” on side B1, a dreamy summerish track with trance influences, ideal for a sunset outdoor setting with its quirky breakbeats and alien-like vocals, this one takes us on a mystical journey and we’re eager to hear it played at future events as it has what it takes to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

The “Time Warp” EP will be released on the 6th of June and can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp.

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