Premiere: 1 – Jacob Husley – The Mission [WYS!024]

Jacob Husley - WYS! Recordings 024 cover art

Jacob Husley is preparing to launch the latest release on his label WYS! Recordings. The fabric resident has for a long time steered the ship through music and events, alongside Cormac and Peter Pixzel. A fruitful career in the revered London club has seen Husley and the crew revolutionise Sunday evening sessions. And whilst the list of invited artists keeps on growing, the WYS! Recordings roster remains concentrated and modest.

Of course, Husley has been at the heart since his first remix on the label for Pig&Dan back in 2010. His contributions have seen support from the likes of Raresh and Priku, who made his own mark on a WYS! VA back in 2019. Now Husley returns with his own EP, his first on the platform for some time.

It opens with ‘This Mission’. A cool concoction of dub infused groove, quirky explorative acapella and drifted melodies makes a fitting soundtrack for darkened club rooms. Coastal soundscapes embed the intro behind warm, inquisitive keys before the rhythm takes hold.

Bassline moves gradually, from nonchalant thud through gentle melodic, growing fuller in the progression. As mystical keys dance and conversation takes hold, sounds of the supernatural blend from every angle. It’s one to get lost in, as the bars build a subtle yet unearthly story.

Many will recognise the vocal on the next track. ‘My Mind Is Going’, a slick interpretation of a classic doused in a techno trance. ‘Big Things’ takes on the same stepping beat. Building chord progressions lift into the atmospheric, settled by a deeper house groove. ‘Lazy Fuck’ sounds quite like its title, personified by plodding beat and hypnotic synth.

The Mission EP is due for release on 25th March, look out for pre-sale links coming soon.

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