Premiere: 1 – Davide Leone – Acid Dark Into Myself [EDP002]

Following hot on the heels of the debut release on Davide Leone’s Eau De Parfum Records he returns with the second molten lava EP. As if forged in hell to soundtrack the end of days, Davide has a unique stance on electronic music that sits somewhere between Italo, Acid Techno, but all pitched down for maximum impact. His second release takes the energy of his first EP and boils this down to make the tastiest acid cocktail, just be careful with your measurements as it is potent.

We take aim at the first track on the release and “Acid Dark Into Myself” offers a rock solid opener to the four-track EP. A dark arpeggiated bassline tumbles soundwaves the full length of the subspace, and in the process sets the tone, not just for the track but indeed the whole EP. As the name suggests this is all about acid, from its brooding warehouse origins to the instruments used to craft his work, Davide is in the zone from the very first beats.

Moving onto “Green Vision” and the heavy hitting double kicks and rib cracking snare are only a prelude to the pitch black vocal musings that imply there is a huge sonic event coming. Swaggering along with an eerie grin, this is only to be enjoyed at maximum volume, as with this whole EP. “Summer On Jupiter’s Sea” cracks the depths to allow just a sliver of light to creep in, but only for a nano second before the mix is plunged back into darkness. Rounding out this quick fire battering ram of an EP is “Analogue Cosmos” and with serious Italo vibes a plenty here it is tough to choose which wins banger of the day, so best just to grab the whole EP as soon as you can.

EDP002 from Davide Leone is available from the Eau De Parfum Records Bandcamp now.

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