Premiere: 1 – Dani Casarano & Felipe Valenzuela – Reality Is Dead [TRAXVOL006]

Dani Casarano & Felipe Valenzuela - TRAX006 artwork

Dani Casarano & Felipe Valenzuela come together on the latest offering from Melcure’s TRAX. The digital side of the platform continues to operate closely alongside its wax counterpart. It wasn’t that long ago we premiered from Melcure’s seventh record release. The artists behind it continue to combine their efforts as they go.

Operating mainly out of Berlin, this Melisma/Cure Music hybrid comes from a family used to serving up the sought after. Dani Casarano & Felipe Valenzeula have long since collaborated since starting Melisma back in 2009. Both have calved out a solid discography over the years, spanning labels the likes of Cadenza & Drumma. As well, of course, as their own.

‘Reality Is Dead’ kicks things off with a naughty beat that drives a subtle groove. Bassline bumps, rolling forward with rapid determination as darker tinges spread in the synth. Tapping percussion paves into tight, techno melodies. A softer touch on the ride takes off the edge.

It’s easy to get lost in the repetitive rattle at the back. But the longer you listen, the more you become enveloped in funk. Vocal speaks in sharp tone, sounds of sci-fi made for rousing crowds on the dance floor. All three tracks on the EP are made for playing out, but this one brings the heat.

Buy the release on Bandcamp from 4th April, available for pre-order now. And if you’re in Berlin, head down to Hoppetosse to hear it in person on 15th April. Melcure and Un:Mute are taking over the boat, also featuring Abscal, Tobias. (Live) and Unai Trottie.

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