Trommel.168 – Timur Basha

If you know Timur Basha – probably, from Closer. If you know Timur Basha very well – probably, from Party For Friends, Closer’s, hmm, predecessor? One day, we’re going to make a huge story about them to make it clear, but the main thing we’re trying to say is that Timur has very long been in the game of making unbelievable parties and great sets.
Being one of the co-founders of the already legendary Closer, he has probably seen and heard all the interesting stuff that has been going on in this club since the very beginning (and – as we just said – even earlier). Always making his appearance and selection meaningful to the connoisseurs in the crowd, he during all these years is the one of the main gems inside the 5-star collection of names in their crew, automatically putting the sign of quality on every guest, he’s sharing the stage with.

His mixes and recordings are quite a rare thing, (especially lately), making this podcast quite a huge thing for us. This trippy beauty was recorded a few months ago in Wildt club, in Prague and had some home improvements after the recording. Probably, you won’t feel, that something was changed in this mix, we just wanted to be honest with you. Just like Timur was with us. Well, prepare for the trip then?

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