Trommel.145 – Maayan Nidam [all night long – 8h set]

photo by Marie Staggat Photography

Maayan Nidam is without a doubt an artist that conjures thoughts of the finest, slinkiest minimal to have appeared on labels such as Perlon, Wolf + Lamb and Giegling. There is of course much more to Maayan than this. For one, she has a legion of aliases under her control and of course her expertly guided hardware live set that bursts with the eclectic sounds that populate her many and wide ranging releases.

Moving in a different direction from the minimal sounds that have become a defining part of her brand, Maayan is also widely respected for her work in the realm of techno and through her Hellium imprint and more abstract projects such as The Waves. Maayan’s need to extend her creative roots into the far reaches of sound has led her to post punk and new wave via her three-piece band. With new music coming on her Cool Mom imprint it is clear that that she refuses to be tied to a specific sound and her talents would let her even if she wanted to.

It is this eclecticism that is undoubtedly her super power and in any given month she can be called upon to introduce a myriad of genres to each dancefloor at her disposal. These dancefloors vary massively in size, from the intimate wooden terrace of Club der Visionaere to the woodlands of Houghton, the sandy strands of Waking Life, or her many residencies around the world.

This very approach and sheer depth of musical knowledge is where we find Maayan for a very special and exclusive edition of our podcast series. Taking control of the decks at Floyd in Miami for an all night long set that lasted 8 hours Maayan shifts through cosmic disco, low slung house, abstract minimal but sewn together with the panache that she stakes her name on. Enjoy the ride from one the darlings of our extended scene.

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