Trommel.129 – DJ Koolt 

Eduardo Cardozo aka DJ Koolt has, alongside his Uruguayan brothers and sisters stepped up to offer leftfield gems and DJ sets all over the world. Regularly performing at the best clubs in Berlin, Italy, Spain and London Edu is still a bit of an unknown quantity that while some swear by some have only heard of the magic that unfolds during his sets. This is what makes a good DJ a truly special one.

As well as being a highly-prized DJ, Edu is also part of a small but grow clutch of artists that include Z@P, Michelle, and Nicolas Lutz that call My Own Jupiter and Phonoteque Recordings home. They offer a place from which to launch their unique productions and in the process, have cultivated a unique, bass heavy and synth laden left of centre corner of the underground. It is however DJ Koolt as a selector that is the point of conversation today and we are lucky to have Edu step up for his debut in our mix series…

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