Trommel.115 – Margaret Dygas

Followers of Margaret Dygas will know all too well what happens when she gets behind the decks. Her sixth sense for left of centre crowd-pleasers is well documented but at the same time, you will be hard pushed to say exactly what is going on in her world as much as some other artists of her ilk. The Perlon favourite’s appearances at the hottest festivals, clubs and parties mean that Margaret has long had her own carefully crafted place in the world of electronic music but that doesn’t stop her from throwing more than a few curveballs your way.

Margaret Dygas’ fleeting interactions with social media points to someone that values their privacy but when she invites you into her world you better be ready as once the door closes you will be there for the duration. Known as much for her wide-ranging electronica leaning productions and DJ mixes as her hugely anticipated headlining club slots she harbours a love for all manner of grooves and rhythms. This is exactly what she has in store for Trommel.115 just make sure you give this the headspace and attention this highly personal and introspective mix rightly deserves.

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