Trommel.114 – Miroloja

Whether you are an avid reader of these pages or not you will be aware that French duo Miroloja has been making moves for some time now. Announcing their arrival with the first two releases on Italian imprint OLO the pair soon began to set their sights on the rest of the competition. Not to be confused with Olo Records which belongs to Miroloja and as well as their own labels sure-fire hits they are responsible for special moments on More Than Music, Joule Imprint, and Infuse.

The amount of exceptional dancefloor reference points that this pair of artists are responsible for is unsurmountable, so it was only a matter of time before they arrived on our podcast series. Keen ears on the scene will already be well aware of their power behind the decks and in the studio and this mix is a keen reminder for those that have missed a beat.

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