Trommel.016 – Jessica Diaz

Ahead of her new Trommel studio mix, we had a quick catch-up with Jessica Diaz trying to get to know her better and discuss her experience behind the decks.

Q: Hi Jessica, we see yourself as a very eclectic and interesting artist. Given your Latin roots, we are curious to know which music genders you grew up with, had a significant impact and inspired you throughout your artist career…

A: Hi everybody! Music has always been  very important in my life. I grew up in a family that was really interested in music listening Tango, Classical, Folklore, Rock and Pop. When I was a child, I use to spend time with my brother & uncles listening Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Nirvana, Soda Stereo and Gustavo Cerati just to name a few.

 Q: As a well-recognized artist that perform worldwide, which is the main factor and motivation that keeps you do and love your work?

A: Of course the love for the Music. I always try to learn more and more about sound & music. It’s important for me to keep growing and learning with the experience.

Q: Can you disclose to us the artist and label you admire most and the one you loved work with (among many)?

A: So many! but I admire and have a lot respect for Ricardo Villalobos. About labels I love Mosaic, label funded by Steve O’Sullivan. And finally I’ll like to say that I love to work with tINI and all the gang. She is one of my artists influence since the beginning of my career. I’m so grateful & lucky to work with her.

Q: We see yourself playing quite often with tINI, an artist we literally love; do you have some nice dancefloor stories to share with us from one of your recent gigs with the gang?

A: We always have lot of fun over her parties. In February last year, we had a gig at my hometown, Cordoba (Argentina) where I came back to play after one year, and all my friend were there… the party was amazing! At 4am I had to catch a flight to Peru for another gig of the gang. I didn’t want to leave so I have almost missed the flight. In the end, both parties were so much fun with great energy from the people.

Q: Let’s speak about future, what do you have in mind for the upcoming months?

A: Well, I have some new toy at my studio so I’m learning and taking the best from it in order to keep working on my new music.

Q: Which is the vinyl/track is always with you, no matter which party or event you are performing at?

A: Soul Capsule – Overcome is definitely one of the vinyls I always have in my bag.

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