Free Download: Matteo Floris – Walky Talker [TFD066]

Matteo Floris is the next to provide some fresh and free heat for your collection.

The Barcelona-based producer continues a fine streak of form. Soaking up the inspiration from the city’s vibrant music community, his work has landed on various labels alongside the likes of Alex Picone on Lowkey, plus his own label and boutique distribution SVogue.

‘Walky Talker’ explores a zesty taste of tech-house flavours, moulding intricate breakbeat patterns with a warm, hazy character perfect for those sunkissed and more delicate after-hour dance floors. You can hear the influence of old school, analogue production in the music, rocking dry, dusty drum machine beats with thick, dubby basslines packed with that distinctive character often heard from these retro machines.

It’s the kind of track suitable for many occasions, carrying enough punch and groove to light up the dance floor without asking too much from its listeners. You can picture a warm-up set building towards peak time, just as much as the peak time slot slipping towards a more gentle sphere, offering a versatile free download to add to your collection.

Atmospheres stay within a warm, cosy vibe with shimmering chords and nimble percussion adding a pleasant bounce to the rhythm. Floris’ recent vinyl EP delves further into this unique, dubby aesthetic with two squelchy weapons kick-starting the new Tripper label. It’s fair to say there is lots more to come both in vinyl and digital formats, you can check out several productions and edits over on his Bandcamp.

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