Review: Fonetica (Cristi Cons and Dubtil) – Noises EP

Cristi Cons and Dubtil have firmly entrenched themselves into the top tier of minimal music over the past few years, in both the producing and DJing sense. However, this is the first time they’ve teamed up in the studio, producing the  ‘Noises’ EP as Fonetica.

First off we have ‘Background’, an 11 minute track perfect for winding down a night. The main feature of the song is the dubby sounds that stay with the track all the way through. They have a warping sound that reminds of when the lines between morning and midday are becoming increasingly blurred. The percussion sounds in the background remind me of Cristi Cons’ other collab project, SIT. There’s bells, there’s string and there’s some light drums. Anything to give it that extra level of groove.

On the B side, we have the far more upbeat ‘Lost in Thought’. This track is far more worthy of a Cristi Cons and Dubitl team-up, after all, collabs are meant to be fun. It has a bassline which feels like it could roll on forever and it’s accompanied by some uplifting drums and catchy snares. For me it’s a definite peak time song, when the vibe is at its highest and the groove is at its maximum. This tune could get anyone into the groove.

B2 features ‘Sleepy Hollow’, which is similar in vibe to Background. The tune features digital warping sounds throughout, with some erratic drums in the background. However, with a run time of 5:30, you can’t expect this to be rinsed in many clubs.

It’s an interesting debut EP from Fonetica, all the songs are expertly assembled as we can expect from any top producers in this scene. We’re not sure if there’s more to come, but Cons and Dubtil don’t seem like the types to abandon a project after just one EP.

Whilst most record stores have sold out, it’s available on Discogs for a fair price.

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