Azimute – The Secret (Cristi Cons remix)

Arguably one of the highlights of being into underground music is finally seeing that a track you’ve been after for months, perhaps even years, has been released.

That’s just the case with Cristi Cons’ remix of The Secret by Swiss duo Azimute. The track was a huge hit at Sunwaves 21 last April, and has also been a staple in the sets of SIT, Rhadoo and pretty much anyone in the Romanian scene.

‘The Secret’ has been very much given the Romanian treatment. Cristi Cons’ remix stretches it out to 11:45 and it feels as though it’s graduated straight from the School of Ricardo Villalobos. Every element in the song definitely has a purpose and nothing is just for show.

The track is defined by a chilled yet groovy bassline that seems more than happy to go along rather drive track forward. Some ABA drums add a funky feel and are accompanied by echoey synths. One of the defining features is the soulful yet distant vocals that ring out with ‘I want your lovin’…’

Whenever the track begins to wind down, as the vocals fade and as do the drums, it’s immediately picked up as the vocals and drums are reinforced with some extra steel, and some snappy snares push the track forward.

Cristi Cons had a huge 2017, with several collaborations and even an EP of his own. Well, he’s off to a huge start in 2018 with this remix, which is out on vinyl later this month.

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