RPR Soundsystem’s return to Fabric was worth the year-long wait

    Crafting their own breed of electronic music, the [a:rpia:r] authors have been sculpting the sound of their native home since the 90s, and London’s Fabric is one of the few places it is expressed without compromise.

    Following the label’s 15th release last year in Villalobos’ ‘Empirical House’, the three founders have been touring just about every corner of the globe, from Miami to Melbourne. The unique, hypnotic sounds of Romania find a home all over the world.

    Arriving in Farringdon shortly before 1am, Rhadoo and Raresh were already two hours deep into the [a:rpia:r] marathon. Setting a steady tone to an eager and packed dancefloor, the pair drifted through silky, dubby textures, teasing the crowd through the pristine Martin Audio of room one.

    After a short absence, the majestic presence of Petre Inspirescu graced the booth, springing life into the room, diving into the mix with Einzelkind & Giuliano Lomonte’s ‘Surrounded By You’.

    Rhadoo first started DJing cassette tapes in clubs in the 90s.

    Within moments of his arrival, the trio slipped into admirable sync. Embracing just about everyone in sight, Raresh could have been mixing in his living room, casually sifting through seamless exchanges, the Romanian favourites showed why they are appreciated on such a global scale.

    After a series of extended trade-offs from Pedro and Raresh, the familiar sounds of Sublee’s ‘Irealis’ surfaced amongst a series of loops in the mix, marking a turning point for an intuitive narration through the deep end of three veterans of minimalist dance music.

    The most refined rhythms drew an appreciative response from the crowd, illustrating the importance of the sound system in the low-slung catalogue of Romania. Walking out onto the sub-lined floor of room one was an instant reminder of the special charm of fabric. Crisp hats, a two-note bassline and a clap which may have little to no impact elsewhere, brought some of the highlights of the evening.

    RPR Soundsystem return to fabric every year for a night of hypnotism.

    Selections grew fragile and delicate bringing in the morning hours. Intricacies remnant of Amorf seeped through the vibrating floor of room one, delving deeper into the bottomless pit of stripped back house music.

    A familiar, reunion-like feeling was cast among the dancefloor. Friends coming together for a rare showcase of the Romanian sound. With Rhadoo, Raresh and Petre rarely playing as RPR Soundsystem in the UK, a nine-hour showcase at one of the finest clubs on the circuit is a special date in all minimalists’ calendar. Combining an obsessive degree of knowledge of sound, alongside lifelong experience in the DJ booth, the result is nothing but spectacular.

    Punters swayed to the soaring sounds of Rhadoo’s closing moments, fulfilled and soaring with feeling. Heads hung high, satisfied until 2019’s return. From the regal presence in the booth to the impeccable mixing throughout the evening, the synchronicity evident between the three was a blissful reminder of a result of over two decades dedicated to their craft.

    All photos by Bobby Vasilev

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