Melliflow & Closer in Berlin: Summer trippin’

    Melliflow & Closer in Berlin: Summer trippin’

    Each year, Melliflow, the Berlin-based label blending all shades of house, techno, and electro, host a number of parties at Club Der Visionaere and Hoppetosse. Collaborating with the team behind Ukraine’s Closer, the summer and winter trips, in particular, are the ones to look forward to. Label owners Vera and Alexandra really know how to throw a party. Bringing the most talented and passionate artists in the scene, they host some of the most exciting lineups in Berlin for those who follow this difficult-to-define underground music. The latest summer trip in August was probably the best edition yet.

    So let’s begin with Club Der Visionaere, which always hosts the second half of the Melliflow/Closer weekend. One difference made this year’s summer trip stand out: the chill out room.  It was the first time that the second floor of CDV had been transformed in such a way, and the area was full throughout. You could find people lounging around, sleeping or just chilling out with their friends among the plants, carpets and cushions. Spanning across 30 hours in the two different clubs, this second space is very much needed to relax, unwind, and get back to the dancefloor. Under normal circumstances, going home to rest is a smart move until you miss sets from artists like Francesco del Garda, Andrew James Gustav and The Ghost, who all played towards the end of the party for the summer trip this August.

    As Vera and Alexandra described in their RA exchange interview, the opportunity to rest adds a female touch; women take care of those around them and it’s true – you really do get the feeling that you’re being taken care of when you’re sipping on a gin and tonic on a massive cushion, listening to the hypnotic, experimental sounds of the likes of e/tape or Melina Serser, all while enjoying stunning visuals by dreamrec.

    Melliflow & Closer in Berlin: Summer trippin’Melliflow & Closer in Berlin: Summer trippin’

    For music lovers, what’s extra special is the opportunity to get to see a different side to a DJ’s collection. A perfect example of this was Gwenan’s set. Around 8 pm on the sunny Sunday evening, she played dreamy experimental set – and this was equally as impressive as her usual electro-techno.

    The changing scenery, and of course, the high-quality music is what keeps that special vibe throughout the weekend. Rewind to the night before and you could find Vera, Onur Ozer, Dragos Ilici and Closer resident Vova Klk, who had the crowd going crazy aboard a sweaty Hoppetosse, well into the morning. After that, party-goers made their way to Club Der Visionaere, where And.rea played to suit the summer mood perfectly.

    The atmosphere for this year’s party was consistent throughout the entire 30 hours, which is pretty special for such a long event. The dance floor was full and Vera could be found blowing bubbles into the crowd outside. It’s easy to see how the Melliflow and Closer parties have achieved their reputation. People go simply because they love the music and they trust the team behind it to deliver; the energy and passion of all those involved shine through. The creative way that the space of the two clubs has been used, sets both the winter and summer trips set them apart from the rest, making them among the most anticipated parties of the year.

    This weekend, Melliflow returns to Club der Visionaere, this time for a shorter party beginning on Sunday where you can catch Alexandra, Vera, Pascal, Ramona and Fede Lijtmaer.

    Words by: Amy Hocknell

    Photos: Edoardo Lovati

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