Digging Deep: Amsterdam record stores guide

    In the next installment of our look at the record stores that you should be checking out on your global travels, we dive deep into the cobbled canal strewn streets of Amsterdam. This city offers new and used vinyl at almost every turn, but which stores should you invest your time and money in while looking for those dancefloor burners…

    Rush Hour Records
    A true legend in the Amsterdam vinyl community and regarded as one of the best record stores in the world, Rush Hour Records is not just a record store, it is a label, distribution arm and they also throw wicked in-store and external events. Co-founded by super selector Antal, Rush Hour Records is like most record stores in Amsterdam in that you will find a lot of different genres of music under one roof. Of course, Rush Hour offers a great selection of techier and more minimal bits and they will be well worth the dig for them. They also offer a good range of second items as well as their online store via Discogs. No digging trip to Amsterdam is complete without a session in the crates at Rush House Records.

    Facebook | Discogs NEW | USED | Spuistraat 116, Amsterdam 

    Already featured on our space some time ago, Killacutz is a great store if you are just looking for used records. Situated just around the corner from Rush Hour and in the heart of Amsterdam, the shop offers a range of used vinyl with a focus on electronic music. Like all used record stores, it is all about being in the right place at the right time. The staff here are super helpful and if you let them know what you are looking for they will direct you to the right crate and who knows what you could stumble upon. You can also order online via their Discogs store and then go pick up in person when you are in town, but be quick with your order as this is a gem of a store.

    Facebook | Discogs | Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 21h, Amsterdam

    Red Light Records
    The Red Light District is for some an essential stop off on their trip around Amsterdam, but Red Light Records and the associated Red Light Radio gives a more musical option for your money. As the record store and radio station next door sit within old prostitution windows these outlets are small but perfectly formed. Here you will find a relatively small selection of more electronic cuts, but as the selection of house and techno is so well curated chances of scooping a gem is almost a certainty. This is a physical store only so you will need to get yourself along in person.

    Facebook | Oudekerksplein 26, 1012GZ Amsterdam

    Mary Go Wild
    Perhaps one of the better known electronic centric record stores in Amsterdam their ADE program is an essential hub for the week and the strength of their record collection. MGW specializes in house and techno so this should be one of your first stops when shopping for new records in Amsterdam. As well as having very helpful staff that offer beer while you listen to your chosen records, they also throw some great in-store events too.

    Facebook | Discogs | Zeedijk 44, 1012 BA Amsterdam

    Zwart Goud
    Situated just along from Nieuwmarkt metro stop, Zwart Goud offers a great selection of new and used electronic music with special attention being paid to house and techno. Make sure you don’t miss it as you walk past as the store as it is actually below street level. You can also browse through what they have on offer before you go down in person thanks to their usually up to date Discogs store.

    Facebook | Discogs | Geldersekade 89 s, 1011 EL Amsterdam

    InDeep’n’Dance Records
    Owned by Dexon, resident DJ of free party Techno Tuesday that runs at Melkweg every, well, Tuesday, so you can be sure that the techier end of the electronic spectrum will be well catered for. Having been a pivotal part of the Amsterdam music community for years, this is a great hub for ravers, DJ’s and promoters to meet and hang out too. You will also find a selection of clothing as well as DJ gear in the thriving store situated in the cool Jordaan area.

    Facebook | Rozengracht 60, 1016ND Amsterdam

    Bordello A Parigi
    Cantering more around Italo and Disco of various shades, Bordello A Parigi is a well-rounded outfit that is comprised of a record label, distribution and of course a physical record store. Featuring a huge selection of both new and pre-loved records, there is sure to be a great selection of after hour mind benders lurking in the crates. Thanks to its central location close to Zeedijk it is easy to get to and in close proximity to a couple of the other record stores.

    Facebook | Webstore | Discogs | Oudezijds Kolk 71, 1012 AL Amsterdam

    Distortion Records
    As well as having a huge stock of electronic new releases this previously mail-order company now has a huge pre-loved offering too. From the street, you might miss the entrance to this unassuming vinyl cornucopia but once inside you will have thousands upon thousands of records demanding to be perused. As always, this store offers more than just house and techno so ask the helpful staff for help in finding the bin you’re looking for.

    Facebook | Discogs | Westerstraat 244, 1015 MT Amsterdam

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