Tunisia’s 320 Festival launch their own app

Tektox have clearly put a lot of time and effort into the upcoming 320 Festival. As well as crafting a rather special array of artists that includes but is certainly is not limited to Evan Baggs, DJ Masda, and Traumer 320 will also be pushing Tunisia and their growing underground music scene by a number of technological advancements.

In order to fully connect those lucky to travel to the medieval town of Monastir there will be an option to download the brand spanking new 320 festival app. The mobile app is designed to give a viable platform for clubbers and promoters alike to discuss, interact and help push the scene forward. 320 are the first underground festival to develop their own app and could be a game-changer for all manner of events not just in Tunisia and will offer a virtual social network where memories and highlights can be shared.

Connecting the people that make up a scene is of the utmost importance but as well as this important advancement it is also great to be able to share what is going on at the festival with those that can’t make it. The 320 app will also act as a streaming platform for the festival so you won’t miss out on the action from the two stages of music that will be on offer over the course of the weekend.

Away from the two main stages, there will be more on offer at 320 Festival than just music. The alternatives to the main stage include a full schedule of workshops, a vinyl sale, body painting workshops, a kite surf workshop and of course the fantastic food and welcoming hospitality that Tunisia is so well known for.

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