Special Force launches industry-led wellbeing offering “Stress-Less-Force” 

The booking agency, Special Force, is an amalgamation of the imagination of Tristan da Cunha and Jody Jode, which looks after some of our scene’s most outgoing and room bursting artists. Artists such as Ron Obvious, Garrett David, Reeshy, Georgia, Ralph Lawson, Nat Wendell, Azaad, A.M. Project, as well as Tristan under his own name, his Freakenstein alias and Dungeon Meat that he shares with fellow agency member Brawther. With the music industry often being an intense place to live and work within, it is essential that as well as taking care of your body, you also take care of your mind.
Interweaving the worlds of music, art and fashion, Special Force are a relatively new collective that prizes integrity as an important trait over almost any other characteristic.
It is this mindset that created the drive behind Special Force and their ethos “Who Cares Wins”. This isn’t just a slogan or an ideology, it’s the very essence behind all they do and is found within each and every one of their artists and team members. With this in mind, Special Force have taken it one step further with a view to invest in the mental health and wellbeing of their team and artists; leading the group to create ‘STRESS-LESS-FORCE’ after a moment of deep reflection during this year’s Glastonbury festival the realisation came to the group that they can offer something more tangible to not only their artists but the wider industry.
A service that includes, but is not limited to life coaching, psychotherapy, nutritional advice, physical and mental health programmes alongside reoccurring ‘transformative group experiences’ and much more. Headed up by the extremely talented and inspiring Charlotte Gouyette, who has connected with the Special Force team and artists, with excellent results. Every session is confidential and tailor made for each individual. Her approach is unique and powerful, and embodies what Stress-Less-Force is all about.
Special Force believe that as well as being armed with the hottest records in your record bag, it’s also imperative to be equipped with the right mindset in order to navigate the beautifully stormy seas of the music and creative industries. Strong emotional, mental and physical health are the three pillars needed to uphold a successful career in this ever changing world.
If you’re an artist, an agent, a promoter, a manager, a creative or a collective and would like to find out more then please contact the team at stresslessforce@special-force.com.
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