London’s Outransa celebrate four years with a 10-hour session at Starlane Pizza Bar

Nicky Macha and Kensa’s project Outransa celebrate their fourth birthday with an extended session at the beloved Starlane Pizza Bar.

The London collective has grown into an excitable showcase every time they have landed in the city, providing no-frills parties where the focus is in all the right areas. Both guests and residents have always been given long sets to express themselves and dive deeper into their collections.

Similarly with the sound system, always prioritising great sound which is a key reason many of the showcases have taken place at Starlane, one of London’s best sounding intimate spaces just over the road from FOLD.

On Saturday 25th February, the two minds behind Outransa will go head to head for the full duration. Kensa and Nicky Macha are no strangers in the booth and are taking this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the project over the years with an extended journey into all their sonic influences.

Previous guests at the night have includes the likes of Brasi, Ethan McNamara, Sohrab and Joseph Clarke. Tapping into the passionate outsiders of club music, artists are welcomed to share their tastes with the crew and dive through a plethora of genres.

To celebrate their fourth year, 25th Feb will be an extended session starting at 5pm and running through until 3am. This is a unique opportunity to catch two dedicated selectors on a quality system for a long period. You will be sure to hear music for the first time and leave inspired by the pair’s dedication to digging and underground music.

Buy tickets for the four years anniversary here.

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