Lee Burton launches online production bootcamp ‘REVMA’

Lee Burton

8-student workshops will cover a range of both analogue and digital studio methods across a 4-week schedule in the new coaching endeavour. Inspired by the passion-driven community within online tuition, 16 hours of lessons will cover rhythm, beat making, composition & arrangement, sound design and mixing.

Besides his production works with the likes of Raum Musik and the previously featured EP for Finest Hour, the Greek artist has spent the last eight years teaching and lecturing music production at SAE Athens.

The new project REVMA will host interactive Q&A sessions across four Saturdays from September 26th, taking a seasoned, hands-on approach to music production tuition. Four hour sessions will delve deep into the core subjects of production, direct from an experienced producer and teacher.

Motivated by the progress with his works for SAE Athens, Lee explains ‘there’s nothing more rewarding than being responsible for sharing information, guiding, inspiring, and watching so many passionate students achieving their goals’.

RevmaPrivate 1-2-1 lessons and mixing services are also available with the launch of REVMA. Various packages of 4, 8, and 12 one-hour sessions can be viewed on the website.

Head to REVMA.com to find out more and book a spot on the series.

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